Exhibition in Germany

After their successful debut at the exhibition of lapidary arts in Poland, our company “Art Sky” decided to conquer Germany. In December 2014 we took part in the international exhibition “Mineralien 2014”, which was help in the ancient city of Hamburg. The event was entirely dedicated to the beauty of the stone.

In three spacious halls visitors could enjoy the contemplation of realistic sculptures, spectacular jewelry, amazing fossils and other natural wonders of nature and craftsmanship. All items were for sale. And many visitors caught the opportunity to acquire the unique masterpieces made of natural stone.

At first our display at the exhibition was a big surprise for the foreigners.  The guests of the exhibition timidly approached our stand and considered each sculpture for a long time, as if they couldn’t believe their eyes. Many people have asked us how did the masters managed to get particular effect, which stones were used, how much time it takes and so on.

Some of the visitors admitted that they couldn’t associate our lively and plastic sculptures with the original material – cold and silent stone. Many of out artworks were sold directly at the fair. For example, the “Bullfinches” sculpture was really popular among the customers. German people bought these bright stone birds that are considered a symbol of Russian winter, with great pleasure. The audience was captivated by our small sculptures. Tiny masterpieces, each of which can be placed in the palm of your hand, departed after the fair to different cities and countries in the luggage of their new owners.

The real favorite of the event was the “Cheetah”, created by Roman Ovchinnikov. The public attention was drawn to this piece of art. Beside it, the visitors showed great interest in our lions, elephants and Egyptian gods.

“Hobgoblin” (Domovoy) sculpture was the hit. German people, who were not familiar with this fairy-tale character, listened with interest to our story about him, and with a special curiosity looked at his sculpture.

All works, without exception, were highly marked by the professionals and colleagues, as well as ordinary customers.

Our craftsmen have been inspired by the fact that they were able to wake sincere and heartfelt emotions in the audience through their art.

During the exhibition we had given out a huge amount of our catalogs and business cards to people interested in collaboration. We are confident that this visit to Germany will be a new step for further development of our company.

After the exhibition we received plenty of emails from grateful visitors. They wrote us how they were pleased, surprised and happy with our works that they brought them a new way to look at the world. Such responses inspire our artist for further creativity, pushing unwittingly to participate in the new exhibitions.

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