Exhibition in Poland

“Flexible”, “live”, “magical”, – these are the worlds we heard in the address of out works at the international exhibition of lapidary art in Poland.

In November 2014 we have been warmly welcomed in Poznan. Talented craftsmen from around the world had gathered here under one roof. The works of artists simply amazed the visitors with their uniqueness, many of which, like the participants, came especially for the exhibition from afar.

We should note, that our company became a kind of an opening of the event. At the time of the exhibition “Art Sky” company existed only few month (we’ve opened in spring 2014). However we were able to surprise and enchant with our works not only ordinary visitors but as well eminent specialists.

For example, our sculpture “Bullfinches” made a real furor. The polish people especially favored them. Realistic life-size stone birds seam to be the perfect embodiment of this idea. The “Tiger” mosaic attracted other visitors, with a colorful oriental appearance. The “Fish” sculpture made of anhydrite was adored by one of our Turkish colleagues. Many enthusiastic visitors stopped and gazed at our stone crocodile. Another popular items were cheetah and argali. Interestingly, among the various “fauna” the stone stationery set still got himself enough attention. And of course everybody were totally in love with our various, little and big, frogs. In other words, everyone could find something to relish at our stand. Every new approaching visitor immediately found a favorite among our works.

We, as well, had learned a lot of new and interesting things on this show. After all, besides stones, there were equipment for material handling, advanced tools, computer software and much more useful things for production and realization of ideas of lapidary.

In addition the exhibition in Poland opened up new opportunities and prospects for us. We received support and participation from indifferent visitors and influential entrepreneurs, heard lots of good advice from colleagues and experts. For example, visitors from Ukraine spoke approvingly about our idea to bring this product to foreign markets. Entrepreneurs saw a perspective for profitable business in “Art Sky”, and simple students were wondering of the possibilities for collaboration. The editor of German magazine “Stone-ideas.com” Peter Becker advised us to take part in exhibitions that were planned in the near future in Germany and Italy. Thus, participation in the international exhibition in Poland was an invaluable experience for us that helped us move on an essentially new level.

Our craftsmen have been truly inspired by the recognition. In their works the experts saw professionalism and a subtle sense of beauty, a talent to confer cold stones with emotions. Many visitors did not believe that the hands of our small team, which consists of only three lapidaries, created the artworks.

In short, we were able to surprise and please. After the exhibition we have received many letters from grateful visitors. It was said in one of such letters, that it is hard to call our creations “sculptures”, but rather call them teddy-bears, foxes, birdies etc., because they look alive and real, as if they are living their own lives. This response suggests that we really coped with the task, which cannot but rejoice.

In the future we plan to repeatedly be engage in such exhibitions, and of course create and expand our team.

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