Jewell and travell about us

The magazine “Jewell and travell” introduces his readers to the world of jewelry through the prism of travelling. A masterful ability to present the beauty of the fine jewelry could be considered a distinctive feature of this magazine. The photos are bright and juicy, and the articles are informative and substantial. Any reader would be interested by the opportunity to go on an exciting journey to explore the masterpieces, created from precious metals and natural stones.

The “Jewell and travell” couldn’t but make a notice of our company. The magazine published an article about “Art Sky” in one of it’s issues. We were very pleased to see some spectacular and high quality photos of our art pieces in the “Jewell and travell” magazine. We also highly appreciate the talent of the journalist who in few words could reveal the concept of our work, the history of the company and the future prospects.

This magazine as well covered the first lapidary art festival that took place in June of 2013. When we looked at those amazing festival photos we couldn’t help thinking about those beautiful summer days, remembering the moments of inspiration we had while creating the artworks for the event and the joy of victory.

In addition to a review article about the first festival, the invitation to the second festival of the lapidary art was published in the magazine. This event was held by our company “Art Sky” in July 2014. Vivid and detailed coverage in the “Jewell and travell” magazine helped to attract even more participants and visitors to our festival. Undoubtedly, the success of this event is also an achievement of this magazine.

The crew of “Art Sky” was very inspired by fundamentally new look of the magazine on our works. They were shown very bright, modern and stylish in the pages of “Jewell and travell”.

We hope to please the readers of the magazine gain with interesting materials about our exhibitions, festivals and creative discoveries.