Partnership with Echo of Moscow.Perm

“Echo of Moscow”, the main Russian radio is a good partner of our company “Art sky”.  We are pleased to participate in the life of the radio-station that develops and support the real art and promote it in the masses.

This year, in spring, special project of “Echo of Perm” gave an opportunity for the local poets to read their love poems life on air. Listeners had a chance to win a special prize from our lapidary workshop daily if they succeed to call and name the author of the poems on air. By this way we were able to contribute a little bit to the development of the poetry in our region.

Such cooperation with the radio station was and exciting and interesting new experience for our crew.

In addition, on 18th February 2015, our representative of “Art Sky” company, Natalia Palkina, was interview for the “Echo of Moscow”. In this interview Natalia shared all the details of the life, work and creative process of our cooperative, as well as situation in lapidary art in Urals in general.

The reason for such detailed interview on the radio was the presentation and opening of Selenite Room in Perm Regional Studies Museum. In that conversation, Natalia also spoke about the history of lapidary art of Perm Region, which originates from the end of the 19th century. We believe that the listeners were interested to see how the famous Faberge participated himself in the development of the local lapidary art. She, as well, couldn’t but make a notice of a big influence of honored artist of Russia Anatoly Ovchinnikov that he makes on the local stone-cutting art.

Beside that, Natalia also unveiled some methods and new technologies in stone treatment that were invented by our masters. For example, Vitaliy Gnatuk has created a unique way of mosaic called – “Gnatuk’s Cocktail”, and Anatoly Ovchinnikov came up with his original “Biscuit method” for stone treatment.

We were also asked about our future plans, and we took this opportunity to invite all the listeners to the festival of lapidary art, that we are willing to held in Perm Region in July 2015.

The interviewer was very much interested in our miniature sculptures. She curiously asked us questions about materials, sizes, themes, priced works. She was very impressed with the opportunity to make an individual order, after the consultation with the master on the choice of the type of stone for the sculpture.

Through this interview our company was able to make many new contacts, get new invitations for collaborations and attract new fans of our art.

It was a pleasure to be guests of the radio station “Echo of Moscow” and we are looking forward to further fruitful partnership.