News Agency Perm Region about us

News Agency “Perm Region” on 2 April 2015 had shown reportage about our company “Art Sky”. The journalist had visited our workshop and met personally with our artist and administration.

We were pleased to receive attention from mass media and shared with pleasure our plans for future, made a little excursion around our workshops and introduced the members of our crew.

Journalists especially noted that the artel “Art Sky” conducts socially responsible activities. They emphasized the fact that all our team-members are officially employed, that we have a working labor-protection system and even plan to create a trade-union organization.

Our small team, consisting of only three carvers, demonstrated to the journalists not only their works, but also the process of creating stone masterpieces. A special attention was given to our main master – Anatoly Ovchinnikov, who has been working with the gems for around 60 years and had made great contribution to the lapidary art. Anatoly honestly revealed to the journalists that he had quitted his previous job at Krasnoyasylskiy stone-cutting factory because the new head of the company decided to make a bet on the production of low-quality goods. With sincerity and love to the lapidary art that he has, he preferred to work in our little company that puts creative component first, instead of mechanical multiple copy production.

We showed to the press the hotel for the participants of the yearly festival of lapidary art that is based on the second floor of our company building. They were impressed with the idea of holding such an event. One could see plaster landscape sculptures, that appeared on the territory of our company after the last two festivals in the reportage.

It was great to see in the video report our workshop with the masters at work, and as well our products.

We highly appreciate the skills of the news agency that created such an interesting and detailed story about us within few minutes time. We also liked the way our sculptures were shot in the video. We believe that such a colorful and informative report about us will not remain unnoticed by the public.