Peter Becker about us

11.01_fotobueno_STONE_27-11-2014__178_.jpgnormBeing a constant participant on various exhibitions we regularly meet with interesting people. One of the meetings like this happened in November 2014, when our crew was demonstrating the works in Poland. One of the guests on this exhibition was Mr. Peter Becker, editor in “” from Germany. Here he gave lecture for the visitors of the event. After his lecture he decided to meet us for a personal interview. For us it was a great pleasure to get to know him, as Mr. Becker was on the same page with us. More over his magazine is fully dedicated to the art of stone-cutting. The subject of his numerous articles reveals interesting historical facts from the field, the new design solutions in sculptures, the subtleties of the application of natural stone in the interiors and architecture, etc. We got Mr. Becker him very interested in our works. For him we represented the revival of the legendary Ural masters art.

He interviewed our representative Natalia Palkina. During the conversation the main topic of the talk became the historical development of stone-cutting craft of the Perm region. It was here where the generous nature gave us it’s rich deposit of gemstones. Honey selenite, misty white angidrit, emerald-black talkochlorit – all these amazing stones since long time have been transformed here into works of art by local artist. This is where the factory of the genius Faberge was organized. Remarkable, the chief artist of our cooperative “Gerda Sky”, Anatoly Ovchinnikov, had made even greater impact on local stone-cutting craft of Perm area then the famous Faberge company. It was his genius works that became a pattern for duplicates and had been copied by countless amount. Ovchinnikov gave the Permian stone-cutting craft its unique style.

The history, talent and skills of our small team, consisting of only three masters. fascinated Mr. Peter Bechek. After the interview with us, there was an interesting publication about “Gerda Sky ” in his magazine “”. In that article Mr. Becker shared his impressions of the meeting with us at the exhibition in Poland, and also published some abstracts of his interview with Natalia Palkina. We were pleased to see photos of our masters at work, and our sculptures on the pages of the famous web-magazine.

Nowadays we keep in touch with Peter Becker. And he is constantly sharing with us useful information about the upcoming thematic exhibitions and festivals.