The “Right Way” newspaper about us

After our company “Art Sky” had successfully visited international exhibitions abroad, journalists form various media showed great interest in our product. We were asked to give interview regularly. Of course the success has not gone unnoticed and for the local newspaper.

The “Right Way” newspaper of Orda municipal district of Perm area in the issue number 104 form 30.12.2014 published a detailed coverage of our activities and made an introduction of the stone-cutting craft of the Ural to the readers. This is very important for and urgent for us, as the revival of traditions in this art sphere is partly a mission of “Art Sky”, and as well the source of inspiration.

We highly appreciate the affection with which the newspaper selected the material for the article. In the text, the author made a parallel between our company and the first triumph of Permian lapidary masters at international exhibitions in the early twentieth century. To do this. The journalist turned to the work of talented local writer and journalist Svetlana Fedotova “The history of Permian lapidary art.” Our director Anatoly Vakhrushev was also interview for this publication. In the conversation with the journalist he shared his impressions about the long way to the international exhibitions that was a real challenge for the fragile and heavy load. He also spoke about the diversity of our works and what a warm welcome we received from the foreign public. It was a pleasure to remember about the nice words people said about our works in Poland, and how our art pieces were bought right from the stand in Germany, and the enthusiastic letters we received on the return.

We were glad to see the photo of our talented master Irina Vakhrusheva surrounded by her creations in the newspaper “The right way”. We are very glad that our works resonate with the public and are ready for further challenges.

Our small and friendly company is sure to give a reason for new publications about “Art Sky” in the nearest future.